A Brief Overview of the Benefits of Physical Therapy


If you have never received physical therapy treatments, you may think that a physical therapist is more or less some kind of masseur or masseuse. Even though as physical therapist may massage sore, tired muscles, the truth is that there is much more to what a physical therapist is doing than your average masseuse. The main difference between a masseuse and a physical therapist is that a physical therapist’s training allows them to provide long term physical benefits that an ordinary massage just can not provide. While a masseuse can offer you temporary relief, a physical therapist can actually cure you of your ailment.

Physical therapy offers you a number of key benefits that are extremely important not just in curing your ailment but also in improving your health and fitness on a long term basis. The initial step in Physical Therapy Scottsdale is an assessment of the patient’s initial condition, looking deeply to see what course of treatment will be most beneficial. Despite the fact that pain relief is one of the aims of physical therapy, the fact is that physical therapists do not confine their treatments to pain relief measures. Physical therapy treatments can actually help to increase muscle strength, increase and restore range of motion, and help clients improve flexibility and relieve contraction. Physical therapy treatments achieve these aims by addressing the inflammation in the joints and muscles, thus fostering the healing of damaged soft tissues.

Another difference between a masseuse and a physical therapist is that a physical therapist treats people who have suffered traumatic injuries or ailments that have rendered them partially paralyzed or unable to walk without severe pain. This could include rehabilitating sports injuries and accidental injuries, helping people with back problems who are suffering pain and limited mobility, and treating stroke and heart attack victims get back on their feet again. Through the use of therapeutic exercises and muscular conditioning, physical therapy treatments improve joint mobility, increase flexibility and re-educate muscles, making Scottsdale Physical Therapy treatments the best option for those who have medical conditions that cause them pain and limited mobility.

Even though it may be true that pain medication or a massage may be a good way to get temporary relief from your pain, getting physical therapy treatment can actually cure your of your ailment and provide your with improve mobility and health on a long term basis. To learn more about physical therapy treatments available in your local area, the first thing that you should do is visit the website of a local physical therapist. To find the website of a local physical therapist, all you have to do is perform a search engine search for physical therapy in your local city.